Posted in Mental Health

The Catalyst for Change

I have been listening to so many self-help books lately. And parenting books. And seeking inspirational movies, articles, and documentaries. Yay for Netflix! It all started with watching The Secret on Netflix, a documentary my friend suggested when she encouraged me that I can change my life.

And she was right. Because slowly, I am seeing change. In myself, in my family, in my future and outlook on things. The overlying theme in all of the sources I am taking in is making the decision to change. Almost everyone does this in the new year. However there are so many more opportunities than that.

There are 12 new months, 52 new Mondays, 365 new days, and a new hour within each one of these. Don’t wait for your catalyst for change, create it. Draw on the source energy within you, prepare for abundance, and make the changes you need to make that happen.