Contracts and Pricing

The work I do is as individual as you are!  Therefore we will need a consultation via email, chat, or in-person to determine the actual cost of your individual project.

Here are a few items to note:

1.  The pricing list below is for virtual transfer of information only.  Should your project require printing, binding, or other physical material, the cost of said material will be added to the cost of the project.

2.  As I value my time as much as I do yours, I do request a 50% down, non-refundable payment of the agreed-upon cost of the project as good-faith for the time and effort of services performed.

3.  The other 50% of our agreed upon contract price will be payable upon satisfactory completion of your project, including any adjustments made throughout the project.  Should there be a need to increase cost during the duration of your project, I will not continue until we have mutually agreed on said cost.

With that in mind, here are some general pricing guidelines to provide a general idea of the starting cost of your project:

  • Typing from live or recorded dictation • $1/minute
  • Simple Editing (for grammatical errors and formatting) • 10¢/word
  • Complex Editing (for grammatical errors, formatting, word choice and content) • 20¢/word
  • Content Writing (I find the words to create the perfect message) • $35/hr
  • Social Media Management (content writing with added graphics and post scheduling) • $50/hr
  • Graphic Design Work • $50/hr (Please note:  contract will include 2 revisions, additional revisions will result in a revised contract and supplemental charges.)
  • Virtual Assistance (writing correspondence, digital organization, data entry, etc.) • $20/hr
  • General Executive Assistance and Business Writing Tasks (includes items such as correspondances, resumes, agendas, schedules, memos, etc.) • $20/hr
  • Complex Executive Assistance and Business Writing Tasks (such as business plans, financial documents, etc.) • $60/hr

*Please note that initial consultations are free of charge.  This is the time we set aside to agree on the work that needs done and pricing.  Work will not begin without a signed contract and 50% down.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!